Thursday, September 10, 2009

Three weeks, mail, and a teddy-bear bouquet

We've been here for three weeks today, though in some ways, it feels like much longer. We're both into the grove at work, and feel like we know our way around (at least our part of the city) reasonably well. To help it feel more like home, I'm excited to report that the postal system does indeed work here. We got our first pieces of mail on my birthday (perfect!) and have gotten more since. It seems to take about two weeks in this direction.
On a different note, today was Teacher's Day in China and one of Jeff's students celebrated by giving him a large teddy-bear bouquet (literally, a bouquet made of teddy bears.) Apartment decorations - check!


  1. Teddy bear sweet! We're going to need pics you know; you have us spoiled now. ;)
    Two of Steve's co-workers (actually one is the owner) are on their way to Shanghai Monday, Sept14 on business.

  2. A teddy bear bouquet takes sucking up to a whole new level. Jeff will never be able to go back to a simple apple ever again!

  3. I can't wait to see pictures of it!