Sunday, September 13, 2009

Jade Buddha Temple

Yesterday, we ventured to the Jade Buddha Temple, one of Shanghai's only active Buddhist monasteries.  The temple is famous for two large Buddha figures carved out of solid pieces of jade and transported to Shanghai from Burma. (No photographs are allowed of either, so you won't see them here.) Beyond those, highlights of our visit included witnessing a brief service and a lot of chanting by the monks who live there, being treated to a tea ceremony, and stopping in the on-site vegetarian restaurant. There, we ordered eggplant with vegetarian meat and spicy bean curd with mushrooms and peas. Yum. Definitely a contrast from the football festivities of the night before!


  1. I like the one of Carrie posing with a flock of monks behind her :). It was really great to talk with you two tonight!

  2. Loved all the photos, and your description of the food always make me hungry. ;)

  3. Your photos are so calming and beautiful. I love all the prayer ribbons - alot like the prayer flags. They must believe the wind helps carry them on their way. I wish you a terrific week ahead. Take good care of each other! Love, Mom xoxo