Sunday, September 6, 2009

French Concession

Yesterday, we met up with a friend from college and her husband, both of whom who have been teaching at an international school in Shanghai for the past year. They had recommended a Yunnan Province-style restaurant called "Lost Heaven," which turned out to be incredible. (One of the most notable things was their signature cocktail, which had chili peppers, lime, and coconut in it. Wow!)

The restaurant is located in the French Concession, a four square-mile area of the city that was the colonial French settlement in the 18 and 1900's. Today, it is one of the more beautiful areas of the city, with wide, tree-lined streets, restaurants, bars, shops, parks, and a large arts district. We explored Fuxing Park, where locals were spending the afternoon dancing, playing games, and drinking tea; the Taikang Lu arts district, a maze of little alleyways filled with cafes and art galleries; and, some of the shopping on Huaihai Zhong Lu, which has almost every store you can imagine.
After dinner, we popped into the "Sooth Wind Massage" parlor, where we got 1-hour massages for about $9.00 each. As it turned out, though, the traditional Chinese massage was a little more painful than it was soothing. They found knots that neither one of us knew we had! Worth it for the experience, though.


  1. One painful Chinese massage, check! What other experiences will you get to check off your list? Can't wait to hear...not that I want you to be in pain! :)

  2. Shanghai certainly offers you the chance to eat your way through a great mix of cultures! Dad & I just finished In & Out burgers, fries & shakes after another Ho, Hum day at the beach - (I thought it was time to share some of OUR amazing food adventures)
    Again, the pics are terrific! I love the French Concession, always wanted to see France. Have a great Monday! Another day off:) Cheers to Labor Day!! Stay healthy & safe. xoxo Mom