Saturday, September 26, 2009

Road construction

To say that there is a lot of construction in Shanghai is a gross understatement. We've yet to visit an area of the city where something isn't being torn down, built up, or generally ripped apart. Today, we took a shuttle about 40 minutes out of downtown to visit some friends who teach at the American school here. Along the way, we drove through some of the most dramatic road work I've ever seen (and that includes the Marquette Interchange!) Beyond the bumpy road and elevated highways stretching out into mid-air, what made it so striking was the way that workers maneuvered around the whole thing on scaffolding. This is a shot looking out of the shuttle window. Doesn't do the scene justice, but gives at least a small idea. (This aside, though, our friends' school and apartment complex were incredible. We even took a dip in a sandy-bottom pool and relaxed in one of several hot-tubs!)

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