Saturday, September 5, 2009

Teachers' Day Banquet

Every year, to celebrate Teachers' Day (a Chinese holiday in September), our school puts on a banquet for all of its teachers. This year, there were 440 teachers attending, so the hall needed to be huge. (This picture doesn't quite do it justice - the foreign teachers were seated on the floor, in the back, so it's difficult to see the main seating area.) We were bussed out of the city to a large convention hall, where we had a multi-course meal. (I've attached a picture of the last bits of food - fruit signifies the end of a meal here.) Beyond food, we were also "treated" to several toasts and speeches and karaoke-like performances by all of the new Chinese teachers. Traditionally, all of the teachers are given a "prize" before leaving, too. In the past this has included pillow shams, cooking oil, and blankets. This year, we got bath products - shampoo, conditioner, body wash, etc. Maybe it was a hint?

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  1. Gee ... every other post is about some huge, fancy banquet!! It's a good eating year, it appears.