Sunday, September 20, 2009

Parks, Museums, and Swag, Oh My!

We had a full day yesterday, starting by exploring People's Square, a large park and gathering area that was originally built by the British as a racetrack in 1862 and has since held prominent roles in the Japanese occupation of Shanghai in the 40's and during the Cultural Revolution. Today, it is a popular gathering place and is surrounded by several museums and other attractions, including the Shanghai Grand Theatre. From the Square, we headed into the Shanghai Museum, which houses Chinese calligraphy, paintings, sculptures, pottery,and much more dating back to as old as the 15th century BC. Pretty amazing.
After getting a healthy dose of culture, we visited the annual Expat Expo, a huge convention of promotional booths for anything you might ever want. With over 20,000 Americans living in Shanghai alone, not to mention the huge number of Europeans, Australians, etc., there are many businesses catering to Western tastes (food, medicine, travel, schools, etc.) Though we're not all that interested in getting entrenched in that world here, we were happy to take advantage of free lattes, wine tasting, and oodles of swag. We left with a yoga mat, a poster, maps, coupons for free beers, and a 200rmb gift certificate for a local spa (enough for a good foot massage, at least), among other things.  

We topped off the day by buying the movie, "Away We Go" from a street vendor on the way home for about 80 cents. What a day! Pictures here:


  1. Looks like fun to me...and why not enjoy a culture within a culture! :)

  2. You're both losing weight? The pictures are amazing. My favorites are Jeff looking at that big head nose-to-nose, and the last picture (beautiful gardens, amazing building at dusk). All that stuff was FREE? Mom H. (Still can't get this thing to post as ME.)

  3. I was just thinking the same thing, you're both definitely scaling down in size. Jeff, i love the look on your face holding all those goodies - just like Christmas morning. Carrie, how cute you look in your lion pose. What a fun picture. It's great to see you both having such a great time! I got your email today Jeff. Thsnks for working on geting some pics out for my office,I appreciate the effort. Just a note, a care-package is already in the works - thanks for the wish list:) Love to you both. xoxo Mom
    A care package has already been started:)