Saturday, September 12, 2009

Football and beer

Lest you be concerned about us (er, Jeff) being cut off from some of our (his) favorite things while living here, we spent last night with some friends at the Park Tavern, where they had a good selection of Irish beers on tap and were airing a re-play of Thursday night's NFL opener. Jeff, though having had accidentally seen the final score ahead of time, was still very much in blissful suspense during most of the game.
This picture was taken inside, at the bar, but we spent most of the evening outside on the patio, where they were projecting the game onto a huge screen.


  1. Way cool ... now, hopefully you can see the Packers!

  2. Nice! So tell us more about your closest friends there...where are they from?

  3. GO Guinness! Glad you got to enjoy some football time.

  4. Wow, if I knew Guinness was on tap I would have booked my ticket long ago! Jeff, it's good to know you & dad can still share some football together, he'll love that! It was great to see you both Sat. night/Sun. afternoon. Were you able to find any material you liked at the fabric mart? Send pics:)
    xoxo Mom