Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Our Teaching Assignments!

Finally, we were given our schedules and class lists today. Jeff will be teaching 6th and 8th grade history and 8th grade honors English. I'll be teaching 9th and 10th grade low-level English. We'll both be teaching 17 class periods a week. We're feeling really excited, though we have a lot of details left to learn.


  1. Love to hear more about your first day of school. How many kids are in your classes?
    Give us the scoop:)

  2. Awesome! 3 preps Jeff...that will be fun, at least you have Carrie to help you! Good luck.

  3. Hi Carrie and JEff! Exciting! It sounds like you're settling in well--amidst culture shock, crazy amount of people, all of the cool things to see....Love your pics! Lisa C-if you didn't know, my old blog is the title..