Sunday, August 23, 2009

Adventures in Food

One of the things (if not THE thing) that we are most excited about here is exploring all of the culinary delights that China has to offer. We headed out early this morning for street food breakfast. I've attached a picture of Jeff eating it. It was an incredibly delicious crepe-like dish folded around scallions, sauce, and some other unidentifiables. We also tried out this soy/egg drink. In total, we paid about 40 cents. I think we'll have no problem eating well!
We've also been exploring the local supermarket. It has enormous variety and all sorts of things that we're excited to experiment with. Here's a link to a few pictures: (Jason, how'd you like to be the seafood manager at this store?!?)

1 comment:

  1. Oh Lordy! That food freaks me know I have food issues, or rather issues with food that looks strange, even chicken. Anyway, so glad you guys are excited to try it out! Prayers for your stomachs!