Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our Apartment

When we arrived, we were given keys to two different apartments, with the explanation that every teacher gets his or her own apartment, married or not. This caused some confusion, especially when we tried to return the keys to one of them and were met with shocked laughter. In the end, we kept one to use as a "guest apartment" (visitors welcome!) and storage space. We're able to move furniture between the two apartments, so long as we return it at the end of the year, so we've been able to spruce up our apartment with some extra tables and chairs. Although it still needs some homey touches, it's a great place and we feel very lucky to spend the year in it!


  1. Thanks - it's so great to be able to picture your space!

  2. These are awesome. I love the open concept. I think you may have more usable space than our home. Is that your own personal workout facility (track and infield) for daily Tai Jeff and Tai Carrie?
    Great seafood pix as well. Be safe and stay well!

  3. Fun!! Now I can actually picture where you are staying, it makes me happy. Love you guys!

  4. nice to see that you've found a soccer pitch for me! Take care :)

  5. Wow, this looks truly luxurious. Are you sure you'll accept guests???? Be careful!

    We are thinking of you, through all of the heat, the great food, the crowds, and the views. Take care. And know how much we love you. Beth, etc.