Wednesday, August 26, 2009

New additions to our apartment!

We are very excited about a few new additions to our apartment. First, we got a water cooler from our "dorm guard" (like an apartment manager.) The water comes out cool or hot (perfect for tea!) As you can't drink water from the tap here without boiling it first, this is going to make our lives much easier. Replacement water jugs will be delivered to our door for 14 yuan each (about $2.00.) Awesome, considering that we live on the 5th floor (no elevators here...)

Second, we got this table and couch from Ikea. There were some language issues while arranging to have the couch delivered - it took the two of us (with almost no Chinese skills) and four Ikea employees (with similarly little English) to work out the details. We were thrilled when it managed to find its way to us tonight! These will definitely help our apartment to feel a little more like a home.


  1. You look comfortable on the couch :)

  2. Love the red couch, great choice!
    I'm having email problems Jeff so I couldn't email you back last time. Thanks for the ideas. Today was my first day back and it was fine...just the "honeymoon" period. We'll see how the kids are in about 2 weeks. I'm pretty tired, but I think I'll make it till November. Logan and Maddie go back to preschool next week and are doing good. Miss you guys! I hate that I can't just call you. Let's set up a webcam date soon.
    LOVE, Julia

  3. Boy, do I remember those challenges with water ... especially when it involved baby formula! Glad that you have the option of some calming tea. We're all thinking of you and wishing we could be there. Really.

    With much love, MKWB

  4. Love the red! It looks great on you Carrie.
    Now all you need is a little "Fung Shui" like a Lucky Bamboo plant or soothing water feature. Get busy Jeff:) It's nice to hear that everyone is so helpful there. Always in my thoughts xoxo Mom

  5. Carrie and Jeff...
    It's so exciting to read your updates! Your apartment sounds and looks great! Hmmmm, a guest apt. ~ I wonder if I could get Steve to visit China??? Anyway, your teaching assignments seem to be perfectly matched to each of you. I want you to know that you are living my for now, I shall live vicariously in you. :)
    Take care,

  6. I'm impressed with how well you're keeping up with your blog! Thanks for all the updates! I know PJ and I are both reading and keeping up with your adventures and living vicariously through you....the apartment is looking great and it seems like you're just jumping in and experiencing all that's around you! Awesome! :)