Friday, May 28, 2010

Mastering Gatsby

Today was the last day of our second-to-last unit. For this unit, I had my ninth grade class dive into The Great Gatsby. It was one of the most challenging things that we've read all year, especially so given so much of the cultural context that needs to be understood for it. They went from telling me that "it's too hard" to writing incredibly thoughtful, eloquent essays on who was ultimately responsible for Gatsby's death. I'm so proud that I wanted to share a couple samples from their work. The first is a sample of my student Aruha's depiction of the story as a graphic novel. The second is my student Ye Chan's attempt at diagramming the convoluted relationships between the characters. Not bad!
Monday, we'll start our eighth, and last, unit of the year!


  1. Well Jeff, here is a terrific example of your belief, "Raise the bar & they will rise to meet it". Congratulate them for me. :)
    Have fun with your last unit! xoxo Mom