Saturday, May 8, 2010

Beijing Photos: Part I

We've been back from Beijing for almost a week, so this recap is a little late coming, but here's the first part anyway:

Our first day in Beijing was a full one! We started the day at our hostel, which was in an old hutong dwelling (the traditional style of house in that area of China.) For breakfast, we sampled some of the great street food outside of our door. Then, we set out to see the city. We started in Tienanmen Square and then ventured into the Forbidden City. Though Jeff and I had been to both back in November, it was fun to see them again - this time without snow and with a lot more people!

Next, we headed up to Olympic Park, where we took in the sites of the Bird Cage and Water Cube, along with the impressive number of kite fliers and vendors. It's fun to see that even two years after the Olympics, this area is still a popular place to visit and relax. Headed into the evening, we went to the Wangfujing Pedestrian street, where we had an amazing dinner in a mall food court (food courts are so good here - fresh, delicious food and a lot of variety) before checking out the street food and souvenir options outside. We passed back through Tienanmen Square at night before catching the subway home. What a day!

More pictures here:

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