Sunday, April 25, 2010

Up in the Air

Another full day of showing Beth around Shanghai. We started with brunch and people watching in the park in Xujiahui before heading out to PuDong to venture up into the World Financial Center. Completed in 2008, it was briefly the world's tallest building (now the third?) and stands 492 meters high. It's lovingly referred to here as the "bottle opener building," because that's the shape that sticks out in the skyline. There are several options for visiting and we opted for the best-of-the-best: a combined ticket to the 94th floor "sky arena," 97th floor (with a glass ceiling at the bottom of the bottle opener), and 100th floor (with a glass FLOOR at the top of the opener!) The entire experience, from the staff to the lights and music in the elevator was very futuristic. And, it was amazing to see Shanghai from the "world's tallest observation deck." Even on a clear day, it was hard to see through all of the haze. But, what we could see what a jungle of buildings and skyscrapers as far as we could see in every direction. Pretty unreal. More pictures here:


  1. Wow ... a little clearer than when we tried it for sure

  2. Amazing pictures! The "glass" picture makes me think of the Milwaukee Art Museum, in a way. Oh, what we missed!

  3. I really loved the reflection pictures, so cool! There must be a million things to discover in Shanghai, because you're still coming up with new ones:) Stay safe.
    XOXO Mom