Monday, April 19, 2010

Bean Bread

There are bakeries everywhere here. On the block outside of our school, there are probably five. They always have amazing-looking cakes and goodies and lots of interesting pastries. Once in a while, Jeff and I treat ourselves to a loaf of sweet bread to supplement our normal yogurt breakfasts. They're always a gamble, though, as sometimes it's difficult to tell what's in them. We've accidentally ended up with meat - one time with sweet cream - on more than one occasion. I bought this loaf last night, thinking that it must be either raisins, walnuts, or chocolate, any of which would be delicious. I totally forgot about the strong possibility of it being beans, though. (Red bean paste is a popular filling in many sweet treats.) Imagine my surprise when I got a closer look (and taste!) this morning. Still, it's passable and will no doubt be enjoyed.

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