Sunday, March 28, 2010

Shanghai Library

Recently, I made a list of what I still want to see and do during our last few months in Shanghai. Enter.. the public library. Rumored to be the "largest book depository in Asia" (according to one of our guide books), it certainly felt large. Though most of the books were in Chinese, Jeff and I had fun poking through the foreign books, which included an eclectic selection of donated second-hand books in English, a small United Nations reading room, and a decent selection of foreign-language newspapers (including the LA and New York Times, USA Today, and the Wall Street Journal.)


  1. It looks beautiful and sounds wonderful. I'd have loved to have joined you! I wonder what else is on your still-to-do-in-Shanghai list? And I wonder why you get more responses to the brew pub posting than the library posting . . .

  2. oo! oo! I'll join the library posting (geez, aren't we stereotypical english profs?!). I'm pleasantly surprised that they have open stacks (so that you could actually wander around and touch the books). A lot of libraries, especially outside the US but also bigger libraries here, keep the books on a request-only basis. Yay for getting to handle the non-merchandise!