Saturday, March 20, 2010

Shanghai Botanical Garden

Somehow, we've managed to live here for this long without visiting the Shanghai Botanical Garden, which is literally right outside the school gates. Yesterday afternoon was too warm, beautiful, and spring-like not to fix that, though. The gardens were incredible - huge, sprawling, and with an impressive variety of plants. The magnolia trees were in full bloom and during our walk around the gardens, we walked through budding roses, pine forests, bamboo, and palm trees. There was classical music being pumped through rock-like speakers and plenty of people practicing tai chi. A common site at most scenic spots in the city, we saw a couple taking wedding photos. And, to top off the visit, we watched trained pigeons be herded back into their home for the night.

Though it took us a while to get there, I'm sure we'll be back. More pictures here:


  1. So that's what is behind the fence!!

  2. Beautiful! Is it too late to come back to Shanghai?

  3. It's starting to look like that around here now, too. So gorgeous!