Thursday, March 4, 2010

Plum Blossoms in Century Park

Akin to Japan's cherry blossoms, China brings in spring with plum blossom festivals. We were able to catch one this past weekend in Shanghai's largest park, Century Park, which is located across the river in PuDong. The blossoms were incredible. They came in white, pink, and purple hues and gave off a sweet scent. Beyond that, the park itself was fun for exploring. It has a sizable lake and meandering walking paths. Here are some more pictures: (The kite, sculpture, and tiger print are all from just outside of the park.) Be sure to check out the impressive lawn sculptures toward the end of the album!


  1. Yes, very impressive ... what's it called? Topiary or something like that.

  2. Beautiful park! I love the lake with the city in the background, the huge kite, the little car, the bush band . . .

  3. Jeff,
    What a cute little cherry blossom boy you make! Carrie, you are beautiful!
    xoxo Mom

  4. Wow, That garden of jazz musicians is amazing!
    Remember when Jason crafted that duck out of Kim's shrub? He has got to see these pictures!
    So it looks like Spring has arrived. You two
    look great!
    XOXO Mom

  5. The top picture of Jeff is amazing - very nice composition (were you up in a tree, Carrie?). Love all the pictures ... makes me excited for our cherry blossoms (they're saying they'll peak April 3-8 this year).