Sunday, January 3, 2010

Hangzhou: Round Two

Yesterday, the four of us took the train out to Hangzhou, home of the beautiful West Lake. It's also where my cousin Mari was adopted from, so holds extra-special meaning in our family and was fun to share with Mom and Dad for that reason. From the train, we headed to the lake, where we took a dragon boat out to the lotus-root-shaped island overlooking the "Three Pools Reflecting the Moon." From there, we had a surprisingly quiet (given how crowded the train had been) walk through a park on our way to the China Tea Museum, which proved to be amazing. It had great exhibits and was surrounded by plantations of green tea. We enjoyed both the scenery and the chance to drink a hot cup of Longjing Green Tea (Hangzhou's specialty.) We finished the day with a visit to the silk market and an impromptu feast of vegetable dishes at a local restaurant. More pictures here:


  1. I just love hangin' out with you guys on this Blog!

  2. Wow, does all of this bring back wonderful memories for us! It's great to see pictures of the four of you in Hangzhou ... as well as Shanghai! I with we could be there, too.