Sunday, January 10, 2010

Fun on the Maglev

Mom and Dad got back into town late last night for one more quick visit before heading home. With today being our last full day together, we wanted to make it a great one and had plans to check out the observation deck of the Shanghai World Financial Center (currently the world's third tallest building.) However, we woke up to a rainy day. We decided to give it a try anyway, but couldn't even see the top of the building from the ground (see the picture above) and were told that there would be zero percent visibility from the top.

So, instead, we decided to try our luck on the Maglev - a magnetically levitating train that runs from the Metro to the airport and back. The 18-mile trip takes 7 minutes each way, as the train reaches speeds of 431 km per hour (268 mph.) It was a thrill to watch the digital speedometer rise and to see the scenery whizzing by!