Saturday, December 19, 2009

Work Holiday Party

The school threw a holiday party for all of the foreign teachers last night at a steak house, where there was an all-you-can-eat buffet (mostly meat and comfort food - mac n cheese, baked potatoes, butternut squash soup) AND a mechanical bull. The latter was fun until someone lost a fingernail while falling off - it was one tricky bull! There was also a raffle - the prizes were "cheese," "better cheese," and a bottle of Courvoisier. Neither of us won big, though we did go home with consolation prizes of chocolate and candies. The pictures show a few of the teachers during the raffle and the two of us on the bus to the restaurant.


  1. Hello you two. I really REALLY hope I've figured out how to right to you. We have been reading your blogs and love LOVE your postcards. Jeff, I spoke to your dad earlier today, they are at Julia's ( I suppose you know that though)!! Sara had her third baby boy on Dec. 7th, he's beautiful!!!! Josiah Douglas. All are doing well. Love you guys and are so proud of what you are doing! Keep up the blogs and notes...we read them ALL! Merry Christmas! Love, Aunt Rhonda
    By the way, it's snowing like crazy right now and we are expecting about one foot before it's over!!!! :)

  2. Dad: Sadly (?), no. Neither of us rode the bull. Jeff was busy playing pool most of the night and I was busy watching people ride the bull.

    Aunt Rhonda: Thanks for reading! We've been thinking of Sara, baby, and everyone!