Sunday, December 20, 2009

Jeff's Medical Adventures...

There are two things that I (Jeff) have become an undesired expert on – infections and antibiotics.  The latest installment of "What's wrong with Jeff?" deals with the wonderfully complicated and ever so necessary ear.  Here's the recap of what has been an interesting two weeks.  It started with an ear ache that slowly turned into my gradual loss of hearing in my right ear.  I took ear drops from my school's clinic, attempted an assortment of home remedy solutions, had my ears professionally cleaned (which was both awesome and gross), and gradually came to the awareness that I had a serious problem.  I went to a hospital near the school, and even though there was a wonderful international wing where everyone spoke English, I decided to head upstairs and chat with a Chinese doctor in the ENT room.  After looking in my ear he prescribed my three days of IV-antibiotic injections.  He said it was bad.  After my three hospital visits, my ear felt better, but my hearing felt worse. We decided to stop by after my third IV and see the doctor.  Good news for those who love this stuff.  He proceeded to use a mini vacuum to suck out of my ear the nastiest things I have ever seen.  On his final vacuum, he went in deep; got something and pulled it out…I could hear again! 

Memories to last a lifetime.

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  1. Wow!!! ... I am sure glad you are hearing and feeling better! ... Meanwhile Mom wants to know more details about what came out (ah ... not me!)