Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Chestnuts roasting on an open... street.

To celebrate having a week off from the after-school SAT prep class that I teach on Tuesdays (it's exam week here instead), I treated myself to a bag of warm roasted chestnuts. I picked these up for 3 kuai (about 40 cents) on the way home from a post office errand - a five-minute walk from our apartment building.
Chestnut vendors are a common sight - and scent - here. The nuts themselves are fairly soft and sweet. And, they are the only nut containing Vitamin C. Trivia for the day!


  1. That takes me back to the Keefe's chestnut tree--across the alley from Grandma's house in Illinois. There were chestnuts everywhere in our alley when I was growing up! (But we never did take advantage of the vitamin C!)

  2. Mmmm ... we roast them with Christa's family at Christmas sometimes. Such a comforting taste.