Sunday, October 18, 2009

St. Nicholas Church

While out and about today, we strolled through Xiangyang Park and then popped over to see this church, both in the French Concession. Beyond having striking architecture, it has an interesting history: built in 1933 as a Russian Orthodox church, it was turned into a washing machine factory by the Communists, was spared destruction during the Cultural Revolution thanks to a portrait of Mao hung from its dome, and was, most recently, a fancy nightclub until Shanghai's Russian population complained. It's currently vacant, but still leaves quite an impression.

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  1. Shanghai is so diverse. I would never have imagined a Russian population within its borders. Speaking of churches, does your school offer any Christian services because of its multicultural student body? Well, Dad & I have some serious praying to do - the Dodgers are about to play their 3rd game in the NL Championships. GO DODGERS!!!!!
    xoxo Mom