Monday, October 19, 2009

City lights

This is an incredible city, ripe with contrasts and disparities. While many things remind me of a developing nation, other things remind me that we're in the middle of one of the most rapidly modernizing metropolises in the world (for better or worse.) Here's a snapshot of the latter - Xujaihui (pronounced "shoe-jah-hweh") at night. This was taken from a pedestrian bridge and looks out over some of the shopping areas - among other things, this area is known for being an electronics district (home to both "Best Buy" and the lesser known "Buy Now.") The globe on the left contains a huge shopping mall, complete with stores, restaurants, and KTV (karaoke.) This is only three metro stops from us, so a convenient spot to run errands.


  1. That's an amazing picture! Your next careers might be working for National Geographic?