Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The Great Wall... of Xi'an

Aftter the beautiful landscapes of Guilin and Yangshuo, we've been enjoying all of the history that Xi'an has to offer. Yesterday, we took an hour-long bus ride out to visit the Terracotta Army. It was truly incredible to see something so elaborate from so long ago (200 BC!) Today, we walked on top of the old city walls (Xi'an is one of the only cities in China with still-intact city walls.) It was an 8-mile walk on top of 40-foot high (and very wide) walls. Pretty awesome, despite the rainy weather. Tonight, we're headed back to the Muslim Quarter for delicious street food and a look at the Great Mosque. Then, on to the Big Goose Pagoda for an evening fountain and light show. Tomorrow, back to Shanghai!


  1. It certainly sounds like you have had a "golden week!"

  2. Love to hear about all the adventures..always thinking about you guys and the awesome time you're having. Hope we can see you online old computer can't handle Skype, so we'll see. LOVE you guys!