Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Soong Ch'ing-Ling's House

After brunch with a friend on Sunday, we walked over to Soong Ch'ing-Ling's house. (Sometimes written as Song Qing-Ling.) She was the wife of Sun Yat Sen and played a significant role in the founding of modern China. She outlived her husband by over fifty years, during which time she served briefly as Chairman of the People's Republic of China. Her house was given to her by the government and inside were gifts she'd been given by various Chinese leaders and international heads of state. The car pictured above was a gift from Stalin. Also in the house were a tea set given to her by Nixon and a rug given to her by Mao. Her house sits on a large plot of land with a beautiful expanse of green lawn behind it. It's well-maintained, from the still-active dove house to the clear booties that we were required to wear while touring the interior.

More pictures here:

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