Sunday, June 6, 2010

Dumpling Party

One of our friends, Heidi, is from Qibao, a town just outside of Shanghai. She's married to our friend, Dan, and soon the two of them will be moving to the U.S. where Dan will be starting culinary school. (Currently, Dan and Heidi both teach at our school.) Yesterday, Heidi's parents hosted the two of us and another friend, Dave, for a dumpling party. They patiently coached us on how to create the dumpling skins, fill them, and close them up. Meanwhile, Heidi's mom cooked a feast to go along with it - braised catfish, sweet ribs, sauteed greens (she called them "morning glories"), and caramelized sweet potato.

It was such a treat to be welcomed into someone's home. We left feeling spoiled and stuffed! More pictures here:

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  1. I'm impressed! The dumplings look amazing--as does everything else. (But is that the fish's head, lolling on the side of the pan?) How fun to go to someone's house and be treated to such a meal!