Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Midterm Madness

We've reached the half-way point in the semester, which means one thing here: exams. Midterm exams are given a lot of weight, equaling more than a quarter of a students' final grade (homework, on the other hand, is worth less than five percent total.) We were required to create and hand in our exams to the administration offices last week and, for the next three days, regular classes are canceled while students take them. The foreign teachers are all required to proctor three of four of these (usually not in subjects that we teach - I'm proctoring Chemistry and Physics) along with at least one Chinese teacher. Beyond that, though, these days will be good for catching up and planning ahead!

Meanwhile, our thoughts are with Dawn and Drew on the birth of their baby girl, Noelle Judith, born at 1:30 this morning (Minnesota time!) One of many times this year when I know that we'll wish we could be in two places at once. Congratulations! We are so incredibly happy for you.

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