Sunday, November 1, 2009

Duolun Lu and Lu Xun Park

We spent Halloween day exploring Duolun Lu Cultural Street and Lu Xun Park (named for the famous Chinese author.) Duolun Lu is a small L-shaped cobblestone-lined pedestrian street full of shops and cafes. It's famous for its Shikumen houses, the first floors of most of which are turned into shops, and its bronze statues, paying homage to liberal and Communist writers who met there in the 1930's (Lu Xun being the best known of those.)

Lu Xun Park was a huge feast for the senses. It it is a sprawling maze of gardens, lakes, bridges, and people. It is also, apparently, where Shanghainese like to come to show off their musical stylings, from opera karaoke to marching bands to choral music. We took a couple of videos to give some sense of that, though it was hard to fully capture. Still, feel free to check them out here: Other sights included fierce badminton and card-playing competitions, Hongkou Stadium, and Lu Xun's tomb. Pictures here:
We came back in time for a progressive Halloween party with the other teachers in our apartment building, where we moved from one floor to the next. We were the proud hosts for the fifth floor.

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  1. So many great places to see in Shanghai, how will ever decide in our few days with you?

    And I loved the videos: "Peace, love, man!"