Saturday, February 6, 2010

The Kingdom of Cambodia

Since I last wrote, we've been on a five hour bus ride up the Mekong Delta to Phnom Penh, have explored the sights in Cambodia's capital city, have taken a bus to Siem Reap, and have taken in the temples of Angkor. All of it has been wonderful. Phnom Penh is situated on the river and has the buzz of a national capital, but provided some calm moments, too. There, we visited Cambodia's National Museum, ate Khmer cuisine, treated ourselves to massages (at our hotel!), and had drinks with four friends we ran into from Shanghai!
Much of Siem Reap has been built up around tourism because of Angkor's attractions, so here we've enjoyed browsing markets and sipping on 50-cent draft beers in the Old Market district. We spent day today exploring the temples of Angkor, starting with Angkor Wat and working our way around the national park. It's an enormous expanse - we had our own tuk-tuk driver and were still able to just see the main highlights. It was unlike anywhere I've ever been and is difficult to explain how incredible it was. Each temple that we saw was unique and provided surprises around every corner. Suffice it to say we took literally hundreds of pictures and will post them we when get back to Shanghai!
Tomorrow, we're off to Bangkok. It's hard to believe that our trip isn't even half done yet!